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What we're reading this week at Edelman B2B - July 18

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There's no summer slowdown here at Edelman.  Our team is building and executing campaigns that are in market right now and some that are planned for the fall.  Exciting things are happening now, but that doesn't mean we're not keeping one eye on the future.  Below is (part of) our information diet recently, and like last week, it includes some relevant industry articles.  But it also includes a link to a #client launch that we're proud to share.  We'll be featuring some of our work in these digests going forward.

  • AdAge: Marketers teach old email new tricks. It isn't just design that is getting better in email, but also segmentation and personalization. We have strong experience in B2B prospecting and nurturing email campaigns. Want to learn more? Drop us a line here.
  • In partnership with one of our #Clients – the Mitsubishi Regional Jet – the team at Edelman launched a new campaign entitled "Discover Choice" at the Farnborough Air Show this week. Here's a video and post showing the campaign
  • Have we talked about our approach to account-based marketing? We're experts at the craft and think of ABM not as a tool, but as a strategy. The team at Demandbase recently published a piece entitled How account-based advertising impacts pipeline where they unpack an experiment they recently conducted.
  • Are you using UTM codes? We are. This article points out the need for UTM-code usage in social campaigns, but we here at Edelman B2B think the advice applies to everything we do online. Email, promoted and paid posts, sponsored content and even display. 

Want to learn more about how we think about ABM? Head over here, fill out the form and tell us how we can help.