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According to one of my favorite/most dreaded Twitter handles @year_progress, we're almost 60% of the way through the year.  And here at Edelman, our B2B work is as fast-paced as ever. The fall seems to be show season around here. From HRTech to IMTS to the ACS National meeting, our teams (and clients) are gearing up to put their best foot – and story – forward. 

Here are some of the stories that caught our attention this week:

  • As B2B organizations look to drive their pipeline, this piece hit home. The advice is simple: don't hire more sales folks. Look to someone to drive demand.  (Ahem...that's what we do!)
  • Lee Odden published this piece, entitled What you need to know about influencers and B2B Marketing. Some good insights, but...do we really *have* to call them influencers? Let's leave that to the consumer brands. Wouldn’t “surrogates” or “advocates” be a better name for B2B?  
  • Sean Callahan on the LinkedIn blog covers 4 ways Marketers Can Use Content to Work Smarter with Sales and encourages (gasp!) marketing leaders to invite sales to contribute to the overall content strategy.